Best Walking Shoes For Hip Pain 2022 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Are you suffering from hip pain and looking for the best shoes to support your hip pain? It must be the reason you have landed here on this page. We will not disappoint you and provide you with the seven best walking shoes for hip pain to make sure you can walk confidently again. This hip pain can cause irritating and annoying feelings throughout walking. And this discomfort definitely affects your performance in everyday life. To avoid such scenarios, we introduce you to the best possible way to help maintain your hip pain.

Moreover, these shoes will help you in providing the proper arc support and balance you need to manage your pain. Make sure to focus on every feature each product contains in order to match it with your needs. Further, each product includes advantages and disadvantages to let you know the positive and negative aspects of the shoes. This will be helpful for you to select the best product according to the requirement. Keep in touch with us till the end to learn the easiest way of managing your hip pain.

7 Best Walking Shoes For Hip Pain 2022

Here is the list of the seven best walking shoes to help you manage your hip pain and make you feel comfortable and relaxed during walking. Furthermore, the features each of the products below contain are vital to ensure the proper balance and support you need.

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1.Brooks Addiction Walker

1.Brooks Addiction Walker

No doubt Brooks is a renowned and trendy shoe brand making qualitative and reliable products for many years. It is basically famous for producing high quality athletic and running gear. It has been more than a century that the company has been making persistently efficient and quality products. Showing the name of the company is enough for you to buy these shoes to ensure you are getting the best shoes to walk with for your hip pain.

The most supportive feature of this shoe is its insole cushioning which is made up of Bio Mogo DNA construction. This softening is responsible for providing you with proper support beneath your foot to make sure you have stepped on a highly comfortable surface. Moreover, this product also comes with a diagonal roll bar responsible for making your arc support perfect and aligned to your body’s natural shape.

You would be in a high amount of support and peace when you step into these shoes with hip pain. This not only supports you with the proper cushioning but also provides you with a comfortable environment. This is because of the presence of a roll bar that supports your natural arch support and provides you with full-body stability. You do have the option to select among the two different sizes of the toe regions available in the shoes to give you the maximum comfort zone to get support in order to relieve hip pain.

Furthermore, the shoe’s outsole is composed of full-grain leather and ensures strong traction over the surface. It is also said to be the slip resistance in nature which is a very favorable feature for those who are suffering from hip pain. Obviously, they do not want to slip on and trigger or maximize their pain. Moreover, you can select from 3 available primary colors, which are brown white and black.

  • Strong traction
  • Perfect natural arch support
  • Full body stability
  • Not for high arches

These are the topmost selected shoes to make sure you get proper support for walking in hip pain. The outsole is constructed with a perfect material to ensure appropriate traction over the surface and is also slip-resistant in nature. Cushioning and comfortability are given in the insole making them ideal for anyone suffering from hip pain or other lower body pains.

2.Vionic Tide For Men’s

2.Vionic Tide For Men’s

Vionic Tide for Men’s is highly appreciable for providing you with maximum and efficient arch support to alleviate hip pain and joint pains. It provides you with enough support to make you relieve and minimize your hip pain. Furthermore, this shoe is also ideal for minimizing Plantar Fasciitis disease. Not only are the characteristics of the shoe appealing, but the look of the shoe is also very attractive.

It will make you look stylish and classy while providing support and comfort. With the presence of good looks and good features, you can get this product and make yourself relax and heal. The product is entirely medically approved because it contains the latest technologies in cooperation with biomechanics expertise. We have also concerned proper health workers and foot experts to get the reviews for this shoe construction.

Regardless of biases, all of them supported Vionic Tide For Men’s to alleviate hip pain. Many of the studies and users have reviewed that the slippers which are contoured are equally beneficial with the orthotics approved heels for the relief of hip pain. Moreover, this product consists of padding lining on the top, making it stylish, fashionable, and durable. The outsole of this shoe is composed of rubber which is hard and rigid to withstand for longer times.

Furthermore, it consists of a lightweight midsole composed of Eva construction. This Eva midsole is ideal for observing any shocks from the surface and blocking them right here before reaching the foot. Eva midsole is responsible for providing you with energy at every step and boosting your confidence with every next step. The FMT is the signature Technology belonging to Vionics. This technology provides support and control over the arch of your foot to make you feel safe and secure during long working sessions.

  • Stylish and elegant
  • Highly qualitative construction
  • The midsole is shock absorbing
  • Uncomfortable top strap

This is an ideal product for those who want to get reliable and durable construction in their shoes. It will provide you with excellent arch support and shock absorbing midsole to ensure that the shoe can survive any kind of environment.

3.Dr Comfort Casual Boots

3.Dr Comfort Casual Boots

If you want to get shoes that look great and feel comfortable, Dr Comfort Casual Boots are designed for you. These shoes were constructed while keeping in mind the style and comfortability. Doctor comfort shoes have been making medically approved shoes since 2002. They never compromise on quality and always focus on creating the shoes to minimize the discomfort and pain in the lower body.

Furthermore, this company uses the latest technologies to ensure your highest level of comfort and support. With proper styling and good looks of the shoe, you will get high-quality products that will last longer than others. They are designed to provide you with day by day relieving and minimizing hip pain. They are highly reliable as the American Podiatric Medical Association approves them.

Moreover, these boots are constructed with top grain leather material, which not only focuses on making the shoe look beautiful but also provides comfortability. It will shape according to the shape and arch of your foot. For perfection and comfortability in fitting, you will get a padding tongue and a padded heel inside. This also helps in minimizing the friction, which can warm and produce heat in your feet making you highly uncomfortable and annoying.

The strain on the toes is reduced with the availability of a broader toe area. With this broader toe area, you would be able to move your toes quickly so that no pressure would be in the nerve reaching up to the hip. The outsole is composed of a material that ensures the sole is non-skid and the heel is firmed. This feature present in the outsole helps in securing you from danger and ensuring the proper comfort zone beneath your foot.

  • Comfortable
  • Non-skid outsole
  • Wider toe area
  • Not true to sizing

These shoes are ideal for any medical-related complaints revolving around the lower region of the human body. These shoes are highly compatible and stylish with a non-skid outsole to ensure proper traction and control. Moreover, the wider area allows you to move your toes conveniently.

4.Gravity Defyer Pain Relief Women’s Shoes

4.Gravity Defyer Pain Relief Women’s Shoes

These are ideally made for those who are looking to get the shoes for their professional environment. They assist you perfectly and adequately in your professional life and with daily life activities. They are designed ergonomically to make you feel comfortable and relaxed as soon as you step in them. The solid and sturdy midsole helps you absorb the stresses and strains of the body, including hip pain.

There are heel cups present in the midsole to help your heels adjust in an excellent manner which will not let you feel you are even suffering from any kind of pain. It will automatically adapt and absorb the pains of your body. Every step of your foot would be satisfying and better than the previous one. Moreover, these heel cups restrict the flat-footed complaints, which in case it occurs can cause intense shooting aches in your hip region.

Then we have the outsole, which is designed to make sure it absorbs all the shocks from the surroundings before making them reach your foot. Further, it will also help in minimizing injuries from the lower body region. You will also get a roomy and broader toe area. This will help you in getting proper space to move and wiggle your toes. This movement keeps your blood flow in regulation and helps you in dealing with hip pain.

Moreover, the shoes are constructed in a weather-resistant and durable manner to make you wear them in an external environment more reliably. They are a great and perfect choice for walking with hip pain both indoors and outdoors. Moreover, the interior is made in a seamless manner to stay non-irritated so that you can also wear them for long hours without being annoyed.

  • Shock Absorption in the outsole
  • Roomy and wider toe area
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Expensive

They are created for those who are looking for getting help in alleviating hip pain and managing it. Shock absorption features are present in these shoes, which help absorb every kind of shock from the environment before it reaches your foot. Further, the toe area is roomy and wide enough to make your toes move freely, enhancing the blood flow, ultimately positively affecting your hip pain.

5.New Balance Women’s 880v10

5.New Balance Women’s 880v10

This New Balance Women’s 880v10 consists of the most demanding outsole. The construction of this outsole contains Hyper Knit Mesh Upper, which is responsible for providing you with excellent breathability and air crossing. This breathability allows your foot to stay dry and warm. Moreover, it also helps your feet to remain disease-free and irritation-free because they would not be in the soggy environment in any way.

The size range this shoe provides you is outstanding and excellent in fitting for every woman out there. Regardless of what size you wear and how wide or narrow your foot is. They will provide you with an extended range of sizes to ensure every woman can enjoy the comfort and easiness they provide in walking with hip pain. It also offers a comprehensive and large variety of colors to ensure every woman can enjoy comfort according to her taste.

Furthermore, the shoes are weightless, which makes sure there is no pressure over the joints of your hips, keeping them easy to move while walking. There is the presence of foam footbed in the midsole providing you with the feature of shock absorption, which helps you in walking comfortably without feeling any stresses and strains in your foot. This also blocks the hard surfaces to reach their effects up to the hip and hip joint.

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  • Shock absorption
  • Cushioned padded foam footbed
  • Breathable upper
  • No extra toe region

This is another recommended, and popular shoe explicitly made for women to ensure their daily life activities are not affected by hip pain. This helps in minimising the hip pain and guaranteeing you a comfortable walk. Further, it also provides foam-padded footbeds to assist you in smooth and fine walking.

6.Skechers Sport Men’s Shape Ups XT

6.Skechers Sport Men’s Shape Ups XT

Sketchers Sport Men’s Shape Ups XT are for those who are looking for durability and longevity in their product. They are composed of 100% synthetic and leather material providing you with the most durable product on this list. These shoes are also safe from a microbial point of view as they do not allow microorganisms to grow beneath your foot because of the presence of excellent airflow, which keeps your feet dry.

Further, this does not allow the shoes in feet to stay wet, which prevents the growth of microbes. The availability of three different color contrasts enables you to select among these colors according to your choice. Further, there are different sizes available for you to choose from according to your need. This makes the shoe more customizable for the user. The toe area of the shoe is wide enough to carry broad feet.

The midsole is composed of Kinetic Wedge Super Soft material which is almost 2 inches in height, providing you with an extraordinarily comfortable and cushioning experience as soon as you step into it. This, in coordination with the outsole, makes the shoe perfect in shock absorption, which is a helpful feature to prevent the triggering of hip pain again. Moreover, this construction of the midsole helps in improving your walking experience without stressing or straining the lower body.

  • Relieve from hip pain
  • Breathability
  • Comfortable cushion
  • Lower traction

This is another product that is used for minimizing hip pain and managing it. It consists of a perfect outsole to provide you with solid pressure on the surface and a soft padded cushioned insole, which, when combined with the outsole, results in a smooth walking experience in the presence of hip pain.

7.Skechers Men’s Equalizer Double Lite

7.Skechers Men’s Equalizer Double Lite

These are loafers, a type of shoes that are composed of 100% pure soft and mesh fabric that keeps your feet warm, dry and allows adequate ventilation to make sure your feet remains moisture free and relaxed. The wide variety of sizing in the shoes helps you select the one which suits you the most. No matter what feet you have, it suits and fits perfectly for both wider and narrow toes. Moreover, the color combos make it more appealing and attractive for the users.

It comes in a wide variety of colors, including black, white, orange charcoal and navy and beige. The manufacturers have focused on the outsole to make it help minimize your hip pain. They have created it with the heel height of 1 and 1 by 4 inches, with flexible and synthetic construction to support your lower back according to your body.

Further, these little lift up heels gives enhanced stability to the user. Furthermore, the insole is made up of memory foam with gel infusion spread throughout the sole. This sole provides you with excellent shock absorbing ability, which helps you tackle the shocks more conveniently and quickly.

Moreover, it also provides you with proper cushioning beneath your foot while dealing with your hip pain. The outsole is made up of strong and flexible compound which helps you in controlling your surface correctly. This allows you in avoiding any slipping and skidding, minimizing hip pain.

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  • Non-Slip and anti-skid outsole
  • Padding cushioning insole
  • Air-cooled foam
  • Not suitable for wet weather conditions

This is another recommended shoe for hip pain. It consists of a solid and flexible outsole that is non-slip and anti-skid in nature, preventing you from slipping and skidding. Furthermore, this shoe’s insole with proper questioning gives you a comfortable and relaxed walking experience.

Best Walking Shoes For Hip Pain 2022 – Buying Guide

This guide will help you to look for the specific characteristics while selecting your shoes for hip pain. Make sure to understand each specification so that you would be able to buy the best product and spend your money in the best possible way.

Excellent Traction

Before buying the shoe, satisfy yourself with proper research that the shoe you are purchasing contains robust traction control. Make sure that it has an outstanding grip on the road and will not let you fall in any scenario. This is the essential feature that should be present in your shoe to deal well with hip pain. Your boots should be able to provide you with proper control on the surface, regardless of what kind of surface you are walking.

I would recommend you to go with the selection of shoes which contain rubber outsoles. This is because rubber outsoles are known for providing excellent grip and control over various surfaces. Hip pain can possibly elevate if you put your weight on the toes. With the presence of these rubber outsoles, your weight would be divided equally and evenly throughout the sole. This is how you can minimise your hip pain.

Arch Support

Arch support is of utmost importance in your shoe, specifically the one which you are looking for to help reduce your hip pain. I personally have suffered from hip joint pain and have noticed that if your weight is evenly spread on the shoe’s sole, then your pain will not grow. The proper use of arch support in your shoes will minimise your complaint of pain and help you in walking comfortably.

Moreover, I have experienced that the proper and continuous use of good arc support in your shape can entirely remove the hip pain after a while. Reduction of the stress and strain in your lower limbs will decrease the uncomfortability and irritability in your hip and hip joint that has occurred because of the pain.


Wearing a comfortable shoe and having proper cushioning beneath your foot is essential to deal with hip pain. Make sure to look for the shoe which consists of padding or foam bed in either insole or midsole or both. Furthermore, the padding and removable insole can also be removed and replaced with the orthotic or medically recommended one.

Proper comfortability increases your easiness and behaves as a shock absorbent. Regardless of how much hard surface is beneath your foot, you will not feel anything because of the presence of padding and foam bed in your shoe. This will result in minimising and completely curing your hip pain.


The shoes you are purchasing for hip pain should be light in weight and easy to carry. This will not trigger your hip pain and will minimise the irritability and uncomfortability caused by that. Furthermore, lightweight shoes will be easy to carry during long walks. They will not make you tired and stress your muscles in any way.


Proper fitting is an essential factor that should be focused on while purchasing the shoe to deal with some medical complaints. You are required to focus on perfection in size and fitting. This is because if you wear too loose or too tight shoes and have some medical illness in your legs, hips and paint simultaneously, misfitting of foot in your shoe will disturb your balance and will create irritability.

Make sure to look for the shoes with proper fitting, especially if you are buying them online. This is because many users have reviewed that online shoes are never accurate in size. Further check for the comments and reviews of the users if you are buying online and then decide your final size.


Shoes should consist of breathable material such as mesh fabric. This will keep your feet warm and dry throughout walking without causing them to get wet. Mesh fabric blocks the passage of sweat and keeps your feet warm no matter how long you walk. Moreover, proper ventilation is necessary to keep your feet cool even after long sessions of walking and running.


Durability has always been on this list. This is the factor that we focus mainly on while purchasing the shoes. The shoes that are specifically made for specific reasons and cures are pretty expensive. Before finalising your boots, make sure they are durable and last longer to complete your purchase worth buying.

Furthermore, durable products last longer and work in a better way. I will recommend you to look for the construction material which is used in the manufacturing of the shoe, and if the material is durable, then it means that your shoe will serve you better and longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can walk in the wrong kind of shoe cause hip pain?

Your shoes are the first part that comes in contact with the surface you are walking on. They should be proper and adequate according to your needs. Wearing the wrong kind of shoes or shoes which are not compatible with your medical complaints will cause pain in your lower body, including limbs, joints, hips and thighs. This is why proper and appropriate shoes are necessary to avoid hip pain.

Do orthopaedic shoes help with hip pain?

No, orthopedic shoes are rigid shoes customized made according to the arch, ankle, and fitting of your feet. These are constructed with the use of carbon fibre or complex types of plastic. Moreover, orthopaedic shoes are medically approved and help minimize and sometimes alleviate the pains in your hip joints, legs and limbs.

How do I stop my hip from hurting while I walk?

It depends on what kind of pain you are suffering from. If you are suffering from severe and extreme pain in your hips that you cannot even move, take a rest and ice your hips until you feel some relief. Strengthening and stretching are some exercises that can provide you with comfort in the mid level of pains.

What shoes are best for arthritic hips?

Different manufacturers are making shoes to deal with arthritis which are renowned for perfection in the fitting. Orthofeet, Vionic, Klogs and Clark’s are the popular and recommended brands that are also recommended by many of the foot experts and therapists.

What are the best shoes to wear after hip replacement?

The broader and lower heels are accurate and adequate to be used after hip surgery or knee surgery. Moreover, look for the shoe which consists of the shock-absorbent outsole. This will also help you in dealing with the surgery afterwards. Your shoe should not be higher than 2 inches.


Many medical health professionals recommend customized and orthotics shoes to deal with some medical complaints. Furthermore, many of us also look for shoes that provide comfort and relief from the pains in our lower bodies. Here in this article, we are entirely concentrating on the best shoes for hip pain to manage and relieve it without triggering it.

These shoes contain proper arc support and are made to help you minimize your hip pain. In further detail, you were provided with the best buying guide to get the best shoe possible. Look for the features mentioned above under the buying guide to ensure you have reached the right product.

As a reviewer but I will suggest,

  • Brooks Addiction Walker is an ideal shoe explicitly designed to minimize hip pain. This shoe contains the ability to support your body’s natural arc present in the foot to maximize the comfort zone.
  • Vionic Tide For Men’s is another excellent shoe that can help you minimize your hip pain. These have a classy look and comfortable feel because of excellent arch support and shock absorbing midsole.
  • Dr Comfort Casual Boots are ideal in style, appearance and comfortability all in one. These shoes are constructed in a way that they contain non-skid outsole and contain top grain leather and ensure the shoe provides proper support to your natural arch and angle of the foot.

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