Best Shoes for Standing on Concrete [Buying Guide 2022]

Are you having rough and challenging days at work because of uncomfortable shoes, especially when your work demands standing on concrete surfaces? Or are you looking for comfortable and soft shoes because standing on concrete is affecting your feet health? If your answer is yes, then don’t worry. After ultimately attending this article, you would not be feeling the same. You would be getting the various options of selecting the best shoes for standing on concrete surfaces.

We have selected the seven best shoes for standing on concrete among many others available to make sure the product you get is superb and outclass. These products have been proven to give excellent performance with comfortability and durability even after wearing them for longer hours. You can give the following article a read to ensure you have learned the description of each product. Moreover, you will also get the information of features on which you should pay attention while purchasing the best shoes to stand on concrete.

7 Best Shoes for Standing on Concrete 2022

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1.Timberland PRO Men’s

1.Timberland PRO Men’s

Suppose you’re looking for something to wear while working in your warehouse or construction workplace I will recommend you to go with Timberland PRO Men’s Powertrain Industrial & Construction Shoe. This is an ideal shoe that can reliably be used for long hours in your workplace. It is popular in giving you the best comfortable position and support around your foot when you step on any hard concrete surface.

Not only for standing purposes, but these are also ideal for making movements and walking in your work environment. You will get complete comfortability and entire satisfaction whenever you step into these Timberland Pro. Nylon material is used to construct these shoes, making you feel relaxed and keeping you pain-free throughout standing, walking, and running even for longer times. It comes in a variety of sizes to let you select the suitable one for you.

The thick outsole provides protection against any hard materials and objects present on the surface where you are working. This also helps you in minimizing the development of any injury and pain due to sudden abrupt movements of your foot. Moreover, this outsole also consists of anti-fatigue designing and composition, making you feel light and relaxed during your work hours.

These shoes are not specifically made for wearing on hard surfaces. Instead, you can also wear them for climbing, hiking, and running purposes. Because of the lightweight feature, they are easy to carry and use for long hours without feeling any stress and strain on your foot. Furthermore, the toe design is made with steel safety construction and is responsible for providing you with weather protection and convenience throughout the wearing time.

  • Lightweight
  • Strong traction
  • Protective
  • Not durable

Timberland PRO Men’s Powertrain Industrial & Construction Shoe is a strongly constructed shoe that you can reliably wear on hard surfaces, specifically concrete. Moreover, you can also wear them for various purposes such as climbing, hiking, and running. They are light in weight and provide you with solid traction control over the ground.

2.Alegria Women’s Keli Professional

2.Alegria Women’s Keli Professional

Without compromising your personality and class, these Alegria Keli is providing you with a comfortable and classical experience of footwear in your workplace. With a professional and decent look, these shoes maximize your comfort level during your working hours. They will provide you with all of the necessary support which you need while working on concrete surfaces.

The outsole is composed of slip-resistant features, which enables the sole to prevent slipping. This solid and rugged outsole also provides excellent traction and support on the concrete surface. Moreover, it firmly holds the surface and gives you control over your movement. The insole of these Alegria Keli gives us an additional benefit as being removable. You can change the insole and can use the customized Ortholite insole to fulfill your requirement.

With the availability of various colors and designs, you can select according to your choice, personality, and preference according to your need. The colors include brown, black, navy blue, patent black, bronze floral, and snakeskin. Moreover, with 1.5 inches height and heel, you can enhance your professional look and get the classy look you want.

The upper of the shoe is composed of leather material that is stain-resistant. This gives you an additional benefit of stain-free shoes, ultimately making your shoes easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, these technologies combine and result in increased longevity of the product. Lastly, the padded collar provides additional support and a comfortable fitting to your shoes.

  • Slip-resistant
  • Stain-resistant
  • Comfort with class
  • Poor stitching

Alegria Keli is good quality and durable shoe which you can wear comfortably on concrete floors. These are slip-resistant and stain-resistant, making themselves stain-free and giving you proper control over your surface while walking.

3.Brooks Addiction Walker Men’s

3.Brooks Addiction Walker Men’s

This is specifically designed for those who stand for very long hours and work on concrete or very hard surfaces. With its comfortable manufacturing, this will help you feel comfortable and give you a supportive environment around your foot. These Brooks Addiction Walker shoes will give you the necessary cushioning and softness you want beneath your feet. Moreover, the perfection lies in the shape of the shoe.

The forefoot and rear foot construction of the shoe is designed in a way to provide you maximum cushioning and shock absorption to avoid any injuries during abrupt movements. The top of the shoe is composed of full-grain leather, which makes the upper super comfortable and highly soft to wear. The upper is made in a way that is perfectly aligned with the bone of your foot to give you a more comfortable zone.

The main focus of the manufacturer is to provide you with a comfortable foot environment throughout standing time on concrete. They are successful in their mission by creating this Brooks Addiction Walker as their masterpiece. In the midsole construction, the company has used MOGO insoles which minimize the shock and provide padding and cushioning to your foot.

It is available in three primary colors: bone, white and black color so you can select according to your environment. You can wear it if you have any complaints of back pain, knee pain, and hip pains. Moreover, the shoe is highly recommended by medical professionals such as nurses and other staff of hospitals. Sore feet and other foot issues like swelling and pain can also be cured with the help of these shoes.

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  • Recommended by medical professionals
  • Comfortable
  • MOGO insole
  • Peeling off the rubber

This is another highly comfortable and recommended shoe for those who stand for long hours on concrete. It provides you with a MOGO insole which minimizes the shocks and gives you support around your feet. Moreover, there help relieve the pains of joints and knees, so many health professionals recommend them.

4.ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

4.ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

The three main things which we demand for our feet to make them stand comfortably throughout the day on concrete are support, relaxation, and cushioning. All of these three features are present in this ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe. It consists of all the necessary features which your feet deserve to work throughout the day. Moreover, the luxury and comfort zone these shoes provide you while standing on concrete is of no match.

If we look into the depths of specs, you will get to know that the outsole of the shoe is made up of high-quality synthetic rubber. This works by absorbing all of your weight in it and giving you a weightless feel during your work hours. Because of the presence of this synthetic rubber sole, you will definitely not feel like you are standing on something hard. Alternatively, you will feel that you are standing on something very soft and comfortable.

The absorption of shocks by these shoes is an attractive feature that makes it stand in our top 7 collections. This is done by the gel cushioning system built in the sole of the shoe. You will definitely love how this system absorbs all of the unnecessary shocks and stresses your feet face while working on hard surfaces.

Moreover, this product comes with a removable insole which allows you to remove the insole and replace it with some other orthotics or medically approved insole. The product is not only ideal for long-term standing on concrete or hard surfaces but also suitable for providing traction among various different paths. This makes the shoe more versatile.

The outsole of the shoe is composed of AHAR compound, which makes it resistant to any tearing. Furthermore, it also provides you with a high durability rate which makes your shoe last longer than other shoes on the list. Your shoe will not cause any problems in fitting or comfort even after frequent long-term usage.

  • No tearing
  • Durability
  • Cushioning
  • Poor quality control

This ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe comes with all the necessary features we demand in our shoes. It consists of an AHAR compound outsole which makes it last longer and gives it a no tearing feature. Furthermore, it gives you high comfortability and cushioning around your foot.

5.Skechers Men’s Glides Calculous Slip-On Loafer

5.Skechers Men’s Glides Calculous Slip-On Loafer

While giving the best protection, these Skechers Men’s Glides Calculous Slip-On Loafers also provide superb comfortability and relaxation throughout working on hard surfaces. Although the shoes look loafer, the leather construction makes them highly strong and robust to withstand any kind of harsh surfaces beneath. Moreover, the fitness it provides will make you feel you are wearing your home slippers.

Another good quality of these shoes is that you can use them throughout the year, no matter what season you want. They are highly durable in construction and stitching and last longer than other shoes. Their increased longevity provides you with enough satisfaction to avoid any hassle regarding buying the shoes again and again. The outsole is composed of rubber which makes it light in weight which ultimately makes you feel easy in your shoes.

Furthermore, the shoe’s insole is composed of mesh fabric with padding of memory foam in it. This memory foam is air-cooled and provides you with soft cushioning and comfortability around your foot. It is a breathable material that will keep your feet warm and dry and will provide you with the crossing of the air.

These shoes are considered ideal and selected in our top 7 list because of the adjustability of sizes. Many reviewers have reviewed that regardless of their wide feet, the shoes fit them perfectly right out of the box. Additionally, there is no issue with the look of the shoes because these shoes match perfectly with your work clothes.

Furthermore, there are four available colors, among which you can select according to your choice. Easy and quick to wear and take off features are also suitable for those who always get late in the morning hours. With a robust outsole and cushioned insole, it provides you with a warm and comfortable feel around your foot, no matter how long you stand on concrete or any other hard surface.

  • Lightweight
  • Breathable insole
  • Comfortable
  • Socks become compulsory

These shoes are ideal for those who want easy on and off. They match with your work dresses and give you a comfortable feel throughout the day. Breathable insoles, when combined with a solid and rugged outsole, provide you with the excellent traction and relaxation you want.

6.Rockport Men’s Eberdon Loafer

6.Rockport Men’s Eberdon Loafer

If you’re looking for both professionalism and comfortability in your shoes, then these are made specifically for you, providing you with all the necessary and essential features you want. These are the slip-on shoes that make them easy to wear and take off. Furthermore, I will recommend you to select them without any second thought if you work and move a lot on concrete surfaces during your working hours.

There are two primary colors of these shoes available: brown and black, giving you the options to select the most appropriate among them. Being flexible, these shoes enhance the comfortability level and provide you with a more pleasurable experience throughout walking. This is a no lace design making it more comfortable to wear. This also minimizes the hassle of tying the laces again and again.

The pure and genuine leather used in the manufacturing of the top portion of the shoe will make you feel warm and dry. It will not exhaust you and give you better working hours. Furthermore, it keeps the moisture away to allow breathability and crossing of the air. Rubber outsole gives you an outstanding experience of traction and support to your foot.

Additionally, touch technology is used in the manufacturing of these shoes. This technology is responsible for providing lightweight features to your shoes with additional long-lasting comfortability and cushioning around the heels area. Moreover, the forefoot is also free and easy to move, making the shoe convenient to wear throughout the day.

They are not only ideal for concrete surfaces but are very versatile in their use. They provide exceptional control and traction over the ground, so you can reliably wear them on any kind of surface. Moreover, many reviewers have reviewed that with the help of these shoes, they felt tremendous comfort and relaxation around their feet.

  • Superb traction and control
  • Shock absorption
  • Free toe movement
  • Size issues

These are ideal shoes for those who are in search of those shoes that provide superb traction and control over every kind of surface. Moreover, it contains mesh lining fabric on the upper portion, allowing breathability and providing a maximum shock absorption feature.

7.Under Armour Men’s

7.Under Armour Men’s

With only 9.6 oz of weight, these shoes are not only ideal for standing on concrete surfaces but also suitable and highly adequate for walking and running on hard surfaces. They are made in a flexible, comfortable, and very well-balanced structure to give you a maximum comfort zone.

The construction material used in the manufacturing of these shoes contains 84% of elastane and polyester. This construction ultimately increases the flexibility level and enhances the elasticity of the shoe while running and walking on concrete or other hard surfaces. You won’t feel any tiredness even after running or standing for a longer time.

Not only the construction and quality of the shoe make them high in demand, but also the look and design of the shoe make it appealing. The shoe looks really classy and stylish. Moreover, it also gives a somewhat professional and sporty outlook. There are 14 available colors from which you can select according to your preference and choice. You can also match them with the outfit you wear in your workplace or the area where you want to wear these shoes.

High breathability and super lightweight features make the shoes comfortable and relaxing for you. Furthermore, they are highly well-balanced to make sure your foot remains in a properly balanced position, without any pressures or strains on specific parts of it. Lastly, the product is very durable and long-lasting, which can survive various hard and harsh circumstances.

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  • Good protection level
  • Affordable
  • 14 different colors
  • Inconsistency in shoe sizes

Under Armour Men’s Charged comes with mixed ability and a super light in weight feature. It provides superb protection and is comfortable around your foot throughout standing time. Furthermore, they are highly well-balanced and durable to last longer than others.

Best Shoes for Standing on Concrete 2022 – Buying Guide

Some features are of utmost importance to look for while purchasing the perfect shoes. Here is the list of features and specifications which you should look at while buying shoes for wearing on hard concrete surfaces.


Look for the shoe’s comfortability before buying them to wear on hard surfaces. Make sure to get the comfortable and relaxing product for you as soon as you wear it. Their inner should not be strenuous and should be soft enough to make you feel you have stepped into a bed of roses. There should be enough support and cushioning present inside your shoes to give you a perfect foot environment.

Get the product that is providing you with excellent arc support. If it’s possible for you, search for removable insoles. This is an essential feature in making you feel super comfortable because, with removable insoles, you can remove them with the orthotics. Moreover, the outside of your selected shoes should be shock absorbent to give you an entirely secure and safe environment around your foot.


Before finalizing your shoes, make sure it provides adequate and proper support to your heels and base. This is an essential factor which will give you a confident and reliable performance. Furthermore, your shoes should provide you with maximum arc support and heel support around the base of your foot. It should give you proper cushioning and covering to your foot while keeping it away from any kind of pain and swelling.


Search for the shoes which will provide you maximum stability in your work hours. Working for very long hours on hard surfaces such as concrete is not really easy with other ordinary shoes. Stability is an important feature that plays a vital role in giving you a confident personality. You should definitely get stability from the shoes you are wearing.

Make sure to get shoes that are highly stable to avoid any kind of serious injury. Stable shoes contain slip-resistant or anti-slip technology. Both of these are responsible for providing you with a safe walking environment, even on rough and rugged surfaces like concrete. Moreover, if your outsole is providing you with excellent traction abilities and giving you maximum control over concrete surfaces, you can rely on your shoes.


If you do not want to spend a handsome amount of money again and again on your shoes, then durability is an essential factor to look upon. It would help if you looked for shoes that can reliably be used for longer times. This would specifically be helpful for you to avoid any kind of hassle of getting new shoes after every few months and spending extra money every time.

Moreover, the durability comes with the construction material. Ensure to learn about the construction material used in your selected shoe. Focus on the durability of the material and construction properties of the shoe to get the best durable product. This will also make you able to avoid any kind of unnecessary pressure on your mind regarding buying a new shoe.

Arch Support

Arch support is another crucial factor that plays a vital role in your comfortability for standing the whole day. The arc support of the shoe should resemble the natural arch of your foot. It should give you the same angle as you have in the base of your foot.

In this way, you would be able to get the maximum comfortable position while standing. A good angle and perfect alignment of your shoes should be focused while purchasing the shoes to stand for long hours on hard concrete surfaces. This is because a good angle will provide adequate support to the bones and shape of your foot.


While looking for the shoe to make you stand comfortably throughout the day, on the concrete surface, you should focus on the upper portion of the shoe. The top of the shoe you are selecting should definitely be light in weight. This will keep you easy and convenient throughout the day without putting in extra and strenuous effort.

The upper of the shoes should be composed of breathable material so that it will keep your foot dry and warm. This dryness and warmness around your foot will keep you out of foot fatigue and also avoid the stress you feel in them after working the whole day. Mesh fabric is reliably famous for giving you a highly comfortable and breathable shoe experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep your feet from hurting while standing on concrete?

You need to make sure that you are wearing properly fitted shoes. In addition to this, the socks you are wearing should also be of good quality and are according to the fitting of the shoes you are wearing. Moreover, orthodox can guide you and help you support your foot to decrease the stress, pain, and pressure of walking on concrete for a longer time.

Is concrete bad for your feet?

A hard concrete surface on the road damages your foot because of the non-flexible nature of concrete. It may lead you towards sour feet, swelling, pain, and even redness at times in the feet and legs. Furthermore, you need to care for your feet, explicitly working long hours while standing on the concrete surface. Moreover, with proper care and protection, you can work on concrete surfaces reliably.

Is it wrong to walk barefoot on the concrete?

Yes, it is harmful to stand on concrete without wearing shoes. Discomfort is an important factor that comes because of this. The concrete floor is almost 4 to 5 times harder and more rigid than any other surface. If you stand on the concrete surface without wearing any kind of shoes, this ultimately results in putting extra pressure on your knees and damaging them.

Is it better to walk on concrete or grass?

Walking on concrete is tough as compared to walking on grass. While walking on concrete, there is a lot of pressure on your joints and knees. To avoid this unnecessary strain on your knees and joints, go with walking on grass. This is because it does not affect your knees and joints badly or in any other adverse way.

What is the best surface to run on for your knees and joint health?

Grass surfaces have proved themselves ideal for running specifically for your knees and joints. It provides enormous advantages for the runners. The grass is an absorbent and soft structure surface that causes the runner to put lower pressure on his knees and joints in any way. This grass will not only benefits you physically but also help you psychologically.


Make sure to focus on every detail mentioned above. We have concluded the seven best products after analyzing and researching many others. These shoes contain all the features and specifications you need to walk confidently without getting tired on the concrete surface. Do not forget about reading every detail, including the advantages and disadvantages present under each product. In this way, you would be able to learn everything you need to.

Furthermore, we have composed a buying guide which contains some of the essential features to put your focus on. These features and specifications should specifically be present in your shoe. These characteristics are necessary to make your shoes reliable and highly comfortable so that you can wear them confidently in your work environment, which contains concrete surfaces.

As a reviewer,

  • Timberland PRO Men’s Powertrain Industrial & Construction Shoe is a perfect shoe made with a classic design and a solid outsole for traction on hard concrete surfaces.
  • Alegria Keli as these shoes add to the personality and class of the user. Furthermore, they are slip-resistant and stain-resistant, providing you with solid traction and control.
  • Brooks Addiction Walker – Men is another highly comfortable and long-lasting shoe. It provides you with a MOGO insole which reduces the shocks.

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