Best Shoes for Sciatica 2022 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Since you have ended up on this page, then we can say that you must be looking for shoes to deal with sciatica. No doubt sciatica is a painful condition that causes irritability and discomfort throughout the time of occurrence. It will badly affect your health in an adverse manner and will have a negative psychological impact on you. But don’t worry if this is the case, we have come up with the best possible and handy solution to minimize your sciatica and its effects on your life.

Sciatica affects the activities of your daily life because of the discomfort it gives. We have searched and concluded the 7 best shoes for sciatica to make sure you can deal with this extreme nerve pain in a good positive manner. These shoes will help you in managing your daily life confidently and positively without any suffering. Moreover, the buying guide is present at the end of the article to make you learn all the necessary features you should focus on while purchasing the best shoes for sciatica.

7 Best Shoes for Sciatica 2022

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1.Orthofeet Proven Pain Relief Men’s Sneakers

1.Orthofeet Proven Pain Relief Men’s Sneakers

In the first and foremost place, I would like to clear you that if you are specifically looking to relieve sciatic discomfort and manage daily life with the help of shoes, then you should go with the selection of those shoes which are biomechanically designed. This will ensure maximum comfort and will help relieve the pain. These ortho feet have proven sneakers are specifically designed to relieve pain and discomfort. There are three available sizes among which you can select according to your size.

These are beautifully designed shoes that contain layers of padding inside to provide maximum comfortability. They are the sneakers that have used the sports air pocket feature. This feature is responsible for providing you with a bouncing feel which will keep you into effortless walking throughout the day. This ultimately decreases sciatica. The construction of the shoe is designed in an ergonomic style to make you feel super comfortable and relaxed.

The construction of the show is explicitly made to make your sciatica pain minimum. These shoes are composed of synthetic fiber which ensures comfortability and a super smooth feel. Synthetic and lightweight soles make you feel weightless and energetic. Moreover, various cushioning layers in the form of padding in the insole will make you feel super comfortable and relaxed when you step into the shoes. These features when combined give you appropriate and adequate shoes to help you deal with sciatica.

  • Arch support
  • Advanced cushioning layers
  • Wide toe box
  • Only two colors are available

Orthofeet Proven Pain Relief Orthopedic Diabetic Men’s Sneakers are our topmost selected shoe that will help you prevent sciatica. These shoes consist of proper arc support and design in an ergonomic style to make you feel super comfortable. The toe area of the shoe is much wider as compared to the others in the list.

2.Brooks Addiction Walker Shoes

2.Brooks Addiction Walker Shoes

I will recommend you to go with the selection of these Brooks Addiction Walker Shoes – Women’s Walking White. This is because these shoes are specifically designed for women in terms of curing sciatica to the permanent level. For proper pain management which occurs due to sciatica, these shoes have been proven to be the best among all on the list. Moreover, the color they are available in is white which always looks classy and adds to the personality of the user.

There are various sizes available depending upon the width of the woman’s feet. This makes it suitable for every woman out there no matter what size of feet they have. This is designed in a way that it settles itself according to the shape of the feet. The arc support will let your bones settle in their original place without making them self uncomfortable. Arch support is an important factor that plays a vital role in managing sciatica pain.

Furthermore, when your feet will be in a stable and controlled position you will feel relief in the pain of your heels. The strong and sturdy outsole of the shoe makes sure to provide you with proper traction and control over the surface you’re working on. With this, it will prevent you from slipping or triggering your sciatica in any way. Furthermore, the insole is super soft and thick to ensure you do not feel any kind of harsh objects on the ground.

These shoes are designed in a combined way, keeping in mind both style and comfortability. This makes them ideal for women who want to stick to class and fashion while ensuring a high comfort zone. Brooks Addiction Walker Shoes are specifically designed for women to make them feel confident and stylish with high comfortability while minimizing sciatica complaints.

  • Strong traction
  • High stability
  • Comfortability
  • Little heavier

These are other ideal shoes recommended to get relief from sciatica. They are highly stable over the ground because of the strong traction force they provide. Moreover, with a high comfortability rate and stylish look, they make women feel confident and strong.

3.Adidas Ultraboost PB shoes

3.Adidas Ultraboost PB shoes

Adidas Ultraboost shoes are ideal and are matchless in comfortability. This is why many professional athletes, models, and sports persons love to wear to enhance their confidence and strength. Adidas is the place where various sportspeople visit to look for shoes. This Ultraboost is an ideal scheme for many professional persons to select the shoes according to their specific needs, whereas these specific ultraboost PB shoes are ideally constructed for the relief from sciatica pain.

Most of the properties of these Adidas shoes lie in their thick mid-sole. The mid-sole is thick enough to be visible and noticeable from the outside. This thick mid-sole not only provides cushioning but also provides you with maximum base area for appropriate shock absorption. This thick mid-sole will provide you with 20% extra energy as a return whenever you take steps with it. The thick and cushioned mid-sole of Ultraboost PB will provide effortless walking.

The Celemesh top of the shoe makes the shoe lighter in weight and provides you with adequate air circulation and crossing. This breathability helps in keeping your feet dry and warm. If you want something to run or walk on the longer routes but you do have a complaint of sciatica, this Ultraboost PB would be the best option for you. Comfortability, energy, and breathability, what else do you need to keep yourself active even in the presence of sciatica.

The outsole of the shoe is composed of Premium Stretchweb Continental Rubber. This is the best part of the shoe, which, because of its properties, gives you maximum control and traction on the surface. Additionally, this outsole when combined with the thick mid-sole maximizes the stability of your feet on the ground giving you proper control to avoid any kind of mishaps that possibly could trigger sciatica.

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  • Stretch Web Continental Rubber outsole
  • Thick mid-sole
  • High stability
  • Heavier

Ultra boost HD consists of unique features which not only independently support sciatica, but also work very well in combination with each other to minimize sciatic complaints. They provide you with all the necessary support and stability you need to minimize this severe nerve pain.

4.ASICS Women’s Gel-Nimbus 19 Shoes

4.ASICS Women’s Gel-Nimbus 19 Shoes

These ASICS Women’s Gel shoes are the most beautiful and attractive ones on the list with specific properties of dealing with sciatica very well. With the best of its technology, the manufacturer company is a renowned and popular shoe brand which is highly reliable and recommended by the users. This is why we have selected it in our top 7 selection among many other shoes available. Moreover, this product was created using the latest and beneficial technologies that could manage your sciatica easily.

Starting with its midsole, where it consists of FluideRide and FlyteFoam Technology focusing mainly on increasing the height of the shoe from the mid-section. This height is highly suitable to get relief from the nerve pain of the hips, thighs, and legs. This advantage of thick midsoles is increased with the presence of FluideRide cushioning providing softness and smoothness beneath your foot. Furthermore, this premium padding also adds to the durability of the overall shoe.

The insole is built with the latest properties in it which increase the comfortability rate and provide you with relaxation all-around your foot. This area of the shoe is also shock absorbent making you feel nothing when you come across any hard substance under your shoes. It manages the strictness of the environment on its own before it affects your feet. Further, there is the cushioning present in the fore-feet region and back of the shoe which also prevents the feet from getting any kind of shocks.

This means the shoe overall provides you with a highly secure and safe environment around your foot. These shock-absorbent features help in eliminating any kind of factor that could trigger your sciatica. Furthermore, we can say that you can run on longer routes, wearing these shoes without any complaints of discomfort. The rubber outsole also gives you high stability by keeping you strongly connected to the road.

  • FluideRide and FlyteFoam midsole
  • Rubber outsole
  • Shock absorption
  • Narrow toe area

These are the ideal shoes explicitly made for women to make them run on longer routes without any discomfort while having sciatica too. They will help keep your feet in a stable position so that they can not trigger sciatica. The latest technologies built-in the midsole and outsole of the shoe take the comfortability and relaxation the shoe provides up to the next level.

5.Gravity Defyer Women’s G-Defy Mighty Walk

5.Gravity Defyer Women’s G-Defy Mighty Walk

If you want to design your shoes and get the comfortability level the way you want, these Gravity Defyer Women’s G-Defy Mighty Walk are made for you. As a woman, I can say that customization is an important factor in our lives and we prefer everything to be customized to make it in our style and comforts. The insoles are made in a customizable design making you able to use them in your way.

VersoShock Spring System is a unique system that is responsible for returning energy to the feet with every step you take. In this way, your energy will not drop out and will still be there even after hours of running and walking. This issue is not only ideal for the relief of sciatica complaints but is also suitable and recommended by medical professionals for diabetic patients.

Moreover, the shoe contains removable insole padding to make sure you can remove them and use the specific one, your favorite and the most suitable according to your need. You can use the medically recommended insole or the one which you want to customize according to your comfort zone. A wider area is present in the toe region of the shoes which helps you in moving and wiggling your toes to increase blood flow. This will also relieve your pain from the nerves of the foot and calves.

  • Comfortable interior
  • Removable insole
  • Wider toe area
  • Bulkier

This shoe is designed for women to make them feel comfortable while standing and running in the presence of sciatica complaints. It contains a wider toe area making you wiggle your toes. The insole is removable so you can remove a specific one according to your need.

6.HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Vanquish 3 Shoes

6.HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Vanquish 3 Shoes

These are the ideal shoes for those who run, jog, and walk daily but suffer from sciatica complaints too. To make your every step highly comfortable and energetic, we have selected this, HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Vanquish 3 Running Shoes for you. The maximum level of comfortability and cushioning it provides to the user’s feet will make you rethink before discarding it from the choice. If you have the option of HOKA ONE ONE Men’s shoes, never go with the selection of any other product.

Managing the sciatica nerve pain is excruciating specifically daily when you have to perform other activities as well. It’s tough to take and put every step ahead with this torturing pain in your lower body. Hold on! We have this product for you to make every step a booster for the next one. Furthermore, it will not only give you comfort but will also boost your energy to take every next step with the same confidence and convenience.

I would like to take you directly towards the midsole of the shoes as this is the main part of the shoe that will either increase or decrease your comfort level. Going into the depths, the midsole of the Eva is double layered in this product providing you with the maximum cushioning and reflecting on every shock your shoe gets on your route. Moreover, it motivates you to stay moving while keeping you high in energy and comfortability. These are the most recommended and highly popular men’s shoes for sciatica pain.

The ergonomic shoe is best in its arc support which ensures your feet are in the best of their position. It will ease your difficulty in struggling with the adjustment angle of your foot inside the shoe. This is because the shoe itself adjusts according to the shape and arch of the foot bone. You will not have to struggle to adjust your feet inside the shoe.

  • Arc support
  • Eva dual-layered midsole
  • Energy booster
  • A little hard cushioning

These shoes are specifically made for men to make their running, jogging, and walking comfortable and easy in the presence of sciatica complaints. The arch support these shoes provide and the midsole composition makes the shoe highly comfortable and relaxing for the user.

7.Saucony Guide 10 Shoes

7.Saucony Guide 10 Shoes

These are the ideal shoes for both men and women but keep in mind that both of the shoes are separately constructed. There are different versions from each other. Here we are focusing on the men’s version as it has been designed while keeping their preferences in mind. The most important feature which makes it highly comfortable is the flexibility it provides to the toes area of the foot. This will increase the movement of the toe area which increases blood flow.

The lightweight footgear consists of a top sole with perfect softness and a comfortable feel as soon as you step into it. Moreover, the cushioning system is spread throughout the sole to ensure endless comfortability and minimization of sciatic nerve pain. It will give you the softness that will make you think you are not even wearing the shoes and walking on the cotton.

The outsole of the shoes is composed of triplex rubber, keeping the external shocks away from reaching your foot. It will not only keep your feet safe but also ensure your feet remain stable on rough and tough grounds. With proper protection to your foot, the Saucony Guide 10 will provide maximum comfortability and convenience in walking and running.

You are not required to change your shoes if you have to walk on muddy and uneven trails. As a Saucony will ensure your enhanced traction and control over every kind of surface. We have selected this product in our top 7 selection because it contains all the important features which are of superb importance in relieving sciatica complaints.

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  • Maximum traction
  • High comfortability
  • Superb flexibility
  • Narrow toe area

This product is not from some renowned brand but it is highly efficient in relieving your sciatica pain. It will help you in managing your sciatica complaints and daily life activities simultaneously with high comfortability and confidence.

Best Shoes for Sciatica 2022 – Buying Guide

Here is the list of features that you should focus on while purchasing shoes to relieve the pain of sciatica. These are the important factors to consider to ensure the product you are buying is worthy of spending money on.


A comfortability checkup is the first and foremost step to make sure you are getting the best shoes to help with your sciatica. You need to focus on the comfort zone the shoes are providing you and should know about the user reviews related to the comfort level. If the shoe is expensive but provides you with high comfortability, I will recommend you to go with it.

On the other hand, if the shoe is not expensive and lasts longer than the expensive shoe but is not comfortable, never go for that. This is the utmost important feature because if you do not look for the comfortability of the shoe, you are simply exaggerating your sciatica and not minimizing it. Look how comfortable the shoe is and how comfortable you will feel when you step in it.

Shock Absorption

Shock absorption is an important factor that helps you in dealing with sciatica more effectively. To get some relief from sciatica you need to get a product that contains a highly shock-absorbing midsole and strong outsole. These shock-absorbing midsoles and hard outsole, if present in your shoe, will make you feel cushioned and padded beneath your feet.

They will help you in not triggering sciatica even if you step harshly on the ground. Moreover the most common and recommended soles for getting relief from sciatica are either gel cushioning or EVA memory foam padding. Further, you also have the option of purchasing the shoe which contains energy boosters and springs in it to refresh your energy with every step you take.

Perfection in Size/Fitting

The size of the shoe is a big concern when it comes to sciatica. Your size and shoe fitting matter a lot in dealing with sciatica pain. If the shoe you are wearing is loose, it is of no use to treat sciatica. Instead, it will increase the chance of slipping. Alternatively, if the shoe you are wearing is tight then you may get unnecessary and irritating blisters on your foot.

These blisters will ultimately result in changing the shoe. If you are ordering the shoe to help you with sciatica from an online website then make sure to read about the user reviews first. And among those make sure to find and read the reviews related to sizing. After careful analysis of this, order your shoe. And make sure to order it from a renowned place.

Quality And Durability

Do not ignore the quality and durability of the shoe while looking for shoes to manage sciatica. These are important factors to make your money worth it while buying the shoe. Check for the quality of the product, the company is providing and the durability it offers. A good quality product with high durability is ideal for you instead of an inexpensive but poor quality product.

Arch Support

Make sure to look for the shoes which contain arch support in them. The shape, which arch support shoes provide to the foot, ensures that the foot is in the correct posture. And when your foot is in the right position it will never trigger sciatica. In this way, you can minimize your pain throughout your leg, hip, and lower back.

To minimize sciatica and manage the pain, you need to get the shoe that contains the ideal arc support. Furthermore, if you do not consider this factor while selecting your shoes for sciatica, you will end up in more soulful pain ever. Keep in mind to put your attention to this factor as it is of high importance.

Toe Region Of The Shoe

Before finalizing the shoe for sciatica pain, make sure to check about the toe region of the shoes. Never select shoes that consist of narrower toe areas. This is because a narrow area will make your toes tighten together. This tightness will compress your veins and can trigger sciatica very badly. To avoid such scenarios, make sure to look for shoes that consist of a wide toe area in which your toes can easily move.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best course of treatment for sciatica?

Physical exercises have been proven the best treatment for sciatica. This includes stretching, aerobics, and strength exercising. Make sure the exercise should be of a low level and not an intense one. In addition to these therapies, short courses of different medications including painkillers are also helpful. Low-level aerobics are highly suitable for getting relief from sciatic pain.

Can sciatica be caused by flat feet?

Yes, sciatica may be caused by flat feet because flat feet generally create rotational stress which travels from your feet towards your legs and hips. This stress when repeated again and again causes you discomfort and can initiate sciatica in you.

Does arch support help relieve sciatica?

Yes, it does help relieve sciatica pain because arch support shoes are designed in a way that supports heels, toes, and the middle of the foot. Moreover, they are designed in an ergonomic structure to provide you with maximum comfortability. Arch support furthermore improves the poor posture of the foot which minimizes the irritability caused by sciatica.

Can shoes make sciatica worse?

Yes, it’s possible that shoes can worsen your sciatic pain. Some of the shoes are hard and do not provide you with the necessary comfortability. Such boots and shoes can trigger sciatica and can maximize your pain. Make sure to select suitable and comfortable shoes to avoid making your sciatica severe.

What are the important factors that should be present in your shoes to eliminate sciatica?

Your shoes should provide you with maximum comfortability in every situation. It should give you proper arch support and cushioned insoles to make you feel softer. The toe area should be wide and the top should be breathable to make sure your feet remain warm and dry throughout the wearing time.


Markets have been overloaded with various kinds of shoes and boots. Every kind of shoes is now available when you look for them. For any medical illness, it has been noticed that not only the medications and therapies work but also the lifestyle changes boost the effectiveness of the treatment. Sciatica is a common disease that creates an annoying and irritable pain throughout the nerve starting from your lower back up to the knees.

The article contains the details of the shoes which would be beneficial in treating sciatica. Although, they do not completely cure the problem but can minimize the pain and can help you to deal with your disease ideally. Make sure you have read all the details of the product mentioned above. Moreover, we have presented some tips to make sure you buy the best product while looking for the specific features in your shoes while buying.

As a review but I will suggest you buy,

  • Orthofeet Proven Pain Relief Orthopedic Diabetic Men’s Sneakers are designed in a comfortable and ergonomic style. It contains multiple layers of padding in the insole and proper arc support to help your feet relax in sciatica.
  • Brooks Addiction Walker Shoe – Women’s Walking White, these shoes are ideal for women because of the style and comfortability level they carry. They provide you with a strong traction force to help you to stay stable for long hours.
  • Adidas Ultraboost PB Shoes are the best shoes for those who are dealing with sciatica. It consists of a very thick midsole and the Stretch Web Continental Rubber outsole which provides you with high stability and control.

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