Best Shoes For Calf Pain 2022 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Do you also suffer from pain in the calves while running and jogging? The main culprit causing this strain and pain in your calves are your shoes. They’re highly responsible for treating your discomfort during and after running and jogging. I, being a sufferer, have continuously researched a lot to find out the best running shoes for calf pain. These shoes provide good comfort and support to your feet in the form of adequate blood flow and make sure you run more confidently.

I have researched a lot on the benefits of special shoes, which are made for helping you in your shooting pains that occur during running. Moreover, the shoes which I have mentioned below are recommended by most of the runners and athletes. They contain all the features and specifications which help you in easy running. We have listed the description and advantages and disadvantages of each of the shoes mentioned below. This is done with the proper concentration to ensure you get the best product to get relief from severe calf pains.

7 Best Shoes For Calf Pain 2022

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1.ASICS Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoes

1.ASICS Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoes

Although this ASICS Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe is similar in design and structure to other running shoes available in the market but is still the most efficient and affordable of all. It contains all the necessary features and is designed in a way to provide you with maximum comfortability and support around your foot. Its uniqueness lies in the support and comfortability it offers to the user’s feet.

The most important and highly beneficial feature of this ASICS Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe is Rear Foot Gel Cushioning System. This gel cushioning system is the topmost perfect cushioning, which we demand in our shoes to eliminate calf pains. Moreover, during a long tiring run, when you stop or change the direction, this cushioning system absorbs the shocks ideally and without coming in the notice by the user.

Furthermore, the outsole of the shoe is designed explicitly to favor runners. This is made for those runners who love to run on outdoor surfaces and trails instead of plain areas. The traction and control it provides with every step make this shoe ideal for athletes and professional runners. You can also go with the selection of hiking trails while having these shoes. They will eliminate any stability and will only support your foot in a positive way.

  • Gel cushioning system
  • Strong traction control
  • Perfect on rough surfaces
  • Poor quality

ASICS Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoes are the best running shoes to eliminate or decrease your calf pain. They consist of the most popular and recommended gel cushioning system, which absorbs all kinds of shock from the surface. Further, they also provide strong traction in every type of surface, including hiking and rough trails.

2.Brooks Ghost 10 Shoes

2.Brooks Ghost 10 Shoes

Many of the runners have claimed that they have experienced pain and discomfort in their legs and calf region during or after running. And this pain and irritation result in compromising over their long-running sessions. Moreover, many runners have complained about the severe crisis they have to face after getting calf pains during running. Brooks Ghost 10 is made entirely to solve these two issues in the runners.

These shoes will help you run smoothly and evenly on longer trails without affecting your legs and calves. Further, if we look into the depth of the construction, we will know that the outsole is composed of rubber and carbon, making it softer and smoother to wear. They also increase the durability of the overall product making it last longer than others on the list. In addition to the durability, it also provides strong traction over the surface so that there are no chances of slipping or skidding in any way.

Moreover, the midsole is constructed with the use of BioMoGo DNA EVM foam which is said to be the topmost favorable and compatible cushioning system. It makes sure you have smooth, soft, confident, and effortless runs on longer paths. Now, if you look towards the support system, I recommend you get this because of the support and heel cup it provides.

This arch support ensures to align ideally and accurately with the natural alignment and angle of your foot. Additionally, the heel cup is raised a little up to ensure your weight is evenly distributed. Moreover, the material used in the construction of these shoes is mesh fabric which is highly breathable and flexible in composition. This material ensures proper air crossing and breathability to help your feet stay warm and dry.

  • Highly comfortable
  • Proper arch support and heel support
  • Strong traction and control
  • Less responsive

Brooks Ghost 10 are ideal and famous in the market because of the features they contain. They were highly comfortable and supportive running shoes which help you in dealing with your calf pain. The traction and control these shoes provide you on the surface you are running is enough for you to boost your confidence.

3.Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 Shoes

3.Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 Shoes

If you are looking for running shoes from the most trusted and reliable brand, this Nike is here for you. Not only for long-running sessions but also for an everyday run and walk, these Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 are ideal for everyday wearing purposes. Moreover, these shoes are also trendy to remove the discomforting complaints you get because of the pain in your legs and calves.

The shoe’s outsole is made with rubber which provides you with durability, stability, and high flexibility to ensure you do not disturb your foot in an abrupt and sudden movements during running. Furthermore, the specific property which Nike used in its shoes is also used here. This is the Zoom Air Unit located in the forefoot area of the shoe. This provides you with both responsiveness and comfortability both.

The midsole consists of smooth and stable Zoom foam, which provides added cushioning and comfort to your foot. Furthermore, there is a crash pad inserted and located in the hill region of the shoe to make sure every shock is absorbed and does not reach up to your feet level. Moreover, these shoes also consist of top-quality mesh fabric to allow breathability in order to keep your feet dry and sweat-free.

The top portion of the shoe consists of Flywire cables to provide you with a better and advanced level of support. Your foot would definitely be in the safest place as soon as you wear these shoes. This safety comes from the availability of overlay in the back part. With excellent and proper arc support, these shoes make themselves ideal for casual runners and professional runners who spend most of their time practicing and competing in running.

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  • Proper arch support
  • Midsole cushion
  • Provides stable and smooth running
  • Less flexible

Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 are the shoes coming from the brand which we all trust blindly. They consist of the essential features to make your feet highly comfortable during running and remove any strain on your calves. Further, they also provide you with stable and smooth running experience in case of long-running sessions.

4.Saucony Shadow 5000 Vintage Shoes

4.Saucony Shadow 5000 Vintage Shoes

Comfortability, style, and affordability are the key features which these Saucony Shadow 5000 Vintage provide to the user. With an excellent affordable price, the kind these shoes offer and the comfort they provide make them perfect in every way. You are not required to loosen your pocket in order to get both comfort and style. Moreover, these shoes also offer dual styling techniques involving vintage and classic both.

The most beneficial feature in terms of getting high comfortability from the shoe is the presence of the EVERRUN midsole. This midsole promises to provide you with high comfortability and flexibility to ensure a smooth running experience. This also provides you with 83% more responsiveness and return of energy with every step. This EVERRUN material is not only used in the mid sold but is also fitted on the top portion of the shoe, making the shoe highly flexible and super soft to wear.

Then we have the knit fabric used in the upper portion to increase the flexibility and breathability of the shoe. This increased breathability rate ensures dryness, warmth, and completeness of your feet. Overlays of the shoes consist of new and trendy styling of the stitching, which provides protection and security and style and fashion. Lastly, I would like to say that this product is the most durable among others coming from the same brand.

  • Comfortable and calm cushioning
  • Flexible and breathable
  • Trendy and stylish
  • Not for cold weather conditions

These shoes are ideal for those who want all in one package, including comfortability, styling, and affordability. They have used Knit fabric for breathability and EVERRUN material in the midsole to ensure proper and smooth cushioning around your foot area.

5.ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 25 Running Shoes

5.ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 25 Running Shoes

No worry about what kind of surface you are running when you have these ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 25 Running Shoes with you. They will magically transform your running experience and will make you feel super comfortable as soon as you put your feet inside. With FlyteFoam Lyte Ultralight Cushioning System, you will get extraordinary comfort and great padding in the midsole. Moreover, this midsole is double layered to provide you with high satisfaction and comfort.

You will definitely experience that your calf muscles are now in a safe and secure environment and will not hurt anymore. These ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 25 Running Shoes do support you in dealing with your calf pains. This not only minimizes but also diminishes calf pain. Additionally, they also help in eliminating the lower body strength and stresses, including thighs, limbs, and hips. This is done by absorbing the pains and shocks given by the stiff nerves or the external environment present beneath the shoe.

Rearfoot Gel is present to provide you with maximum support and balance to your heels in order to provide you with maximum comfortability level. These features, when combined together, work in perfection with each other and provide you with a highly comfortable and suitable environment around your foot during running. This also minimizes the strains and shooting pains in your calves which can also create some serious issues if prolonged.

  • Flexible and long-lasting
  • Lightweight with various color options
  • Smooth running experience
  • No accuracy in sizing

These shoes contain double-layered midsoles to enhance shock absorption and increase cushioning. They are flexible and long-lasting while providing you with a smooth and soft running experience. It also minimizes the calf pain and helps in getting complete relief from it.

6.TSLA Outside Sneaker Trail Running Shoes

6.TSLA Outside Sneaker Trail Running Shoes

Are you looking for perfection in your running shoes? And want something that could provide you with all the features you want in your running shoe? Right? These TSLA Outside Sneaker Trail Running Shoes are made for you to help you in running while minimising calf pain and discomfort both simultaneously. These shoes and these features add one by one comfortability and responsiveness to the boots provided.

Starting from their weight, these shoes are ideal in terms of weight because of being light in weight which makes them easy to carry and comfortable throughout the time of wearing. You can also wear them for a long time without feeling tired. Moreover, with the presence of a dynamic grip outsole, the shoe provides strong traction and superb control over any surface you select to run on. No matter how rough and brutal they are.

Furthermore, this hydro grip outsole provides high flexibility, which helps in the quick movement of the foot without straining your calves. The construction of the shoe is done with dual vent mesh fabric giving you good breathability and crossing of air to keep your feet sweat-free. Moreover, this dryness and sweat-free feet also result in securing your feet from being affected by germs.

  • Strong grip and control
  • Breathable and flexible outer
  • Superb light in weight
  • Poor stitching

These shoes are ideal because of the presence of every necessary feature in them. They provide you with a firm grip and control over the road. Being super light in weight, they are easy to carry for even the longest-running sessions without making you tired.

7.Altra Lone Peak 4.5 Running Shoes

7.Altra Lone Peak 4.5 Running Shoes

These are the new shoes with more latest and bold features in order to provide you with the product which contains all in one specification. A zero-drop part is present in these shoes explicitly made for diminishing stress and aiding in your calf pain. It is also responsible for minimizing the pressure present in your calves.

Moreover, it also reduces every kind of shock, which can cause discomfort up to the level of ligaments and tendons in the calf tendon muscles. With the availability of an advanced level of the cushioning system, these Altra Lone Peak 4.5 Running Shoes are ideal for minimizing the shocks, which can produce strains and shooting pains up to ligaments and tendons in the calf muscles.

These shoes, with the presence of this feature, help in preventing and protecting your calf muscles from getting injured. Furthermore, this product is composed of high-quality material to ensure durability. It provides you with a smooth running experience because of the presence of spring material in the sole. This spring material also minimizes the hard strokes of the road, which can impact negatively on your calf.

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  • Lightweight and better in traction
  • Gel cushioning
  • Supportive and stable grip
  • Poor quality and tear out soon

Altra Lone Peak 4.5 Running Shoes are our last shoes selected in the list of best shoes for calf pains. They deal very well with calf muscles up to the tendons and ligaments. They also provide the user with gel cushioning and softness in the midsole, which can absorb every kind of shock easily, ultimately making them comfortable and relaxing.

Best Shoes For Calf Pain 2022 – Buying Guide

This guide contains the details and description of the features which should be present in the shoes you are selecting for your calf pain. These features should be in your shoes to make them highly suitable for runners to eliminate their calf pain.

Comfortability and Cushioning

Softness, comfortability, and cushioning are the top features that should be present in your shoes if you are looking for the best shoes to minimize your calf pain. It would help if you focus on the boot’s comfort to make sure you are landing and taking off with a comfortable platform. This is an essential factor to check before finalizing your shoe because if you get a rigid inner or insole, you would definitely not be comfortable throughout your running. Moreover, this will also severely affect your calf pain.

Moreover, it’s a must to check what kind of cushioning system tor shoes’s provides. Different shoes offer you another cushioning system, but the purpose of all is the same. The cushioning present in the shoes is responsible for eliminating the effect of your total body weight on your feet which occurs when they hit the ground.

If you move abruptly or your weight is not evenly distributed, you may trigger your calf pain. Further, the most solid and compatible cushioning system gives maximum comfort in order to avoid strains in your calves.


There are different types of runners, one who runs on a daily basis and one who runs periodically. Those who run on a daily basis should always look for highly durable products in order to avoid the hassle of purchasing the shoe again and again. The same is the case with those runners who run periodically and not on a daily basis. You should always keep in mind to check the material and durability of the shoe so that if you are buying an expensive shoe, it keeps on giving you good service until you want to change your shoe willingly.


If you are spending enough money and purchasing a shoe to reduce your calf pains, make sure to get the breathable material. This breathable material includes the mesh fabric, which ultimately enhances the dryness and warmness around your foot, keeping it away from sweat and wet substances. Moreover, breathable shoes also provide you with a high comfortability rate as per user reviews. So looking for breathable material in your running shoes is more beneficial and advantageous to get relief in your calf pains.


Look for the proper support system in your shoe, specifically from the arch your shoe is providing you and the heel support your heel is giving. In order to have a high rate of comfortability and relaxation, you need to get the shoe that should provide you with maximum support around the heel cup.

This is a very important area beneath your foot where the weight of the body impacts. To make this impact zero on your calves and to reduce any unnecessary strains and stresses reaching up to your calf, you should get shoes that have a proper heel cup to ensure maximum support around your heels. That is why we are focusing on looking for the appropriate support system, including the ark support and the heel support, in order to get the best product.

Lacing System and Fitting

If you are suffering from calf pain and you are getting a new shoe, make sure to check the fitting and lacing system the shoe is providing you. This is an essential factor to pay attention to because the fitting of the shoe should be accurate and adequate in order to avoid strain on the nerves. If you are wearing loose shoes or very tight ones, you will suffer from unnecessary strains on your nerves or a highly uncomfortable running experience.

The same is the case with the lacing system. If the lacing system of the shoes is not accurate and is very tight, they will put pressure on your feet during running, which can trigger your calf pains. Alternatively, if the shoe’s lacing system is too loose, it would be irritating and uncomfortable for you to run with the loose-fitting because of the lacing system. So make sure to select the shoe which gives you the ideal fitting sizing and lacing setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my calves so tight all the time?

The most common and possible reason for the tightening of the calves is over usage of the calf muscles. The abrupt or sudden increase in some physical activity related to your legs and calves can possibly tighten your calf muscles. Moreover, Atrophy and muscle tears both can possibly cause straightening and tightening of your calf region.

What is the best cushioning system for running shoes?

According to my personal opinion and experience, I would recommend you select a gel cushioning system. This system is viral and recommended by most users, specifically the ones who are athletes and good runners. The cushioning system should be efficient enough to absorb any kind of environmental shocks. Regardless of the surface beneath your shoes and the surrounding it is facing.

Can I run with calf pain?

Running in the presence of calf pain is not really a big deal. But you need to focus on the severity of the pain and what is triggering it. If your shoe is the cause, you should definitely not run in them. Similarly, if you have severe pain then ruining will make it worse. Instead, take rest and proper medical advice to get relief from it, alternatively, for mild pains running and walking is effective.

Can wrong running shoes cause calf pain?

Calf pain generally occurs because of improper muscle functioning. This improper muscle functioning occurs because of the presence and inadequate or inappropriate shoes during running. The shoe which is not compatible and comfortable for you during running can never provide you with a relaxed and supportive environment throughout your walking or running. In order to avoid that situation, I will recommend you select the best and appropriate shoe to help you with your running.

What causes calf pain in the running?

The sudden and abrupt increase and decrease in the speed of the runner are responsible for giving a calf pain or can trigger the previously existing one. To avoid this cause of calf pain, you need to make your speed consistent and smooth. Further, if the shoe is not providing enough support from the heels and arch area, it can also trigger calf pain.


If you are a proper runner who runs daily, you know calf pain and what triggered it the most. Yes, shoes and specifically those which have an uncomfortable feeling. Shoes are the most important thing you should focus on if you are a runner or planning to go on a long run. They can either trigger your discomfort or can maximize your comfort during running. Both of these scenarios depend upon the type of shoes you are wearing.

Being a runner, and after practically experiencing calf pain because of the running, I have researched a lot to find out the best shoes to deal well with calf pain. These shoes are ideal from every point of view, including material durability cushioning and the support system they provide. You need to focus on every product detail before finalizing the one.

As a reviewer, I will recommend:

  • Nike Air Zoom Structure contains proper arc support and a solid cushioning system to enhance your comfort and remove unnecessary and annoying strains and stresses on your calf.
  • Brooks Ghost 10 is the most comfortable shoe with every necessary feature in them. This cushioning, when combined with excellent arch support and heel cup, gives you an ideal shoe for running.
  • ASICS Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe is affordable and highly comfortable. It consists of the most recommended gel cushioning system and stroke traction control to enhance your comfort zone.

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