Best Shoes for Accessory Navicular Syndrome [Buying Guide]

Buying the best shoes for Accessory Navicular Syndrome is more challenging than usual because you can’t afford the worsening of your foot condition. In this sequence, there are various elements that you’ve to notice before spending your bucks. Don’t fret! I’m here today to talk about the best footwear, which are all from different companies. So here, you’ll get a virtuous variety that helps you get one that is exceptional for you.

Health is something that can’t be compromised. If you get any disease, you’ve to learn to take good care and follow a quick recovery. Thus, I’ll first explain the Accessory Navicular Syndrome, its causes, symptoms, and possible treatment methods. Once you get to know that, we’ll move forward with the shoes’ buying guide and review guide. So let’s not wait more and dig into the details:

10 Best Shoes for Accessory Navicular Syndrome 2022

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1.Orthofeet Women Sneakers

1.Orthofeet Women Sneakers

Are you suffering from a bunion or navicular syndrome? Don’t worry! I have found footwear that is orthotic friendly and highly comfortable. This ortho feet women’s sneaker boasts added room (of approximately one by four inches) in the toe box area, resisting a bound or tight fit at the frontal area. It helps people in getting quick relief by giving this ample space.

The Orthofeet women sneakers have appealing laced designs and are available in five colors. The sneakers boast an ergonomic layout, meaning it includes arch support. The ergonomics shoes are designed to keep your foot in a comfortable position and shape to resist pain.

The sole of a shoe requires prior consideration, as it is the area that holds your weight. These ortho feet sneakers have a lightweight sole, which adds superior cushioning and comfort. You can wear it for hours without getting pain or stiffness in your foot area. This is why these shoes are considered excellent and healthy for people who’re suffering from diabetes, foot pain, accessory syndrome, plantar fasciitis, or any other foot-oriented issue.

  • Promote healing
  • Ergonomic design
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Size issues for some

In a nutshell, as the name indicates, these sneakers are designed for people who’re facing foot pains or related issues. It reduces foot or heel pain with time by providing cushion-like comfort and support. I like its laced design, which adds a premium look.

2.Hoka One One Men’s Shoe

2.Hoka One One Men’s Shoe

Hoka One One brand was founded in 2009 by two famous runners “Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Deard.” The brand gets a standing position in today’s marketplace by launching some of the best running shoes, which are consistent in performance, comfort, and durability. Hoka shoes are generally designed for running, but because these sneakers are lightweight, convenient, and reliable, I’ve added these to the category of best shoes for Accessory Navicular Syndrome.

The design of this pair of sneakers is quite impressive. It comes in a striped or lining pattern coupled with a stretchable laced structure. I love the combination of Black iris and Storm Blue, which is rare to find in the market. Besides appearance, it is essential to know the materials used in the building of a particular shoe. I always prefer lightweight, soft, and breathable elements, and Hoka heard my choice!

This footwear features mesh outer. The PVC (polyvinyl chloride) mesh fabric is a mixture of nylon and fabric. This material is incredibly lightweight, which is one of the reasons it is proven great for reducing foot pain as you don’t have to put a lot of effort while walking. Plus, the mesh means a thread network with tiny holes, allowing air ventilation, resisting the sweat or smell in your foot.

The sole of this shoe also needs appreciation. It features a rubber sole, which is demanding in today’s market. If I have to compare a rubber sole with a leather one, it is better because it features flexibility and feels light and comfortable on each step. The Hoka’s rubber sole is highly shock-absorbent, resistant, reliable, and robust.

  • Aesthetic design
  • Breathable
  • Flexible
  • Expensive

If you’re searching for the most flexible sneakers, nothing is better than these Hoka One One footwear. It is designed to provide exceptional comfortability and ventilation. I found these shoes best because of their high durability. However, these are a bit high on budget.

3.ASICS Gel Nimbus 17

3.ASICS Gel Nimbus 17

When I heard of the best sneakers, ASICS is the first name that popped up in my mind because I’ve had an excellent experience with this brand. They’ve produced plenty of excellent footwear in each category. Still, I am specifically talking about the Gel Nimbus 17, which I found great for combating the discomfort due to Accessory Navicular Syndrome or other foot illnesses.

The Gel-Nimbus 17 is an imported shoe that is made of synthetic textile material. I like the unique pattern over its body which somehow looks like a badminton net. It is available in only one combination color: onyx, flash yellow with white. At the top, you’ll get a lace closure which makes it a stretchable shoe.

The upper part of this shoe is made of fluid-fit material, which is a mesh textile intensified with a non-elastic element. What’s the significance of this material? When a person walks or runs, the foot changes its position or shape. The elasticity of the fluid-fit fabric improves fitness and reduces the pressure on the upper side of your feet.

Do you know the mechanism of the clutch? It provides a connection between the engine of a vehicle and the transmission. The ASICS Gel Nimbus 17 also has a clutch system in the heel area, restricting foot displacement. The purpose of this heel clutching system is to reduce foot movement and improve fit.

  • Reduce foot displacement
  • Elastic material
  • Durable
  • No color variation

In conclusion, the Gel Nimbus 17 is undoubtedly the best by ASICS. These are comfortable, lightweight, durable, stretchable, and highly reliable shoes. I found them great for daily wear.

4.New Balance Women’s 940 V4

4.New Balance Women’s 940 V4

The New Balance women’s shoe is a dual treat! It is composed of half mesh and half synthetic material. The mesh fabric adds the element of stretchability and ventilation to this super-amazing shoe, while the synthetic material gives durability and resistance. I found it one of the most decent-looking shoes, which are available in four colors. It has lace-up closure and a porous structural appearance.

Besides that, the midsole of these New Balance sneakers requires appreciation. The product features “ABZORB Midsole,” which is initiated by New Balance itself. Now, what is it? The abzorb midsole is a fantastic blend of rubber (Dupont engage isoprene) and foam (proprietary foam) material that gives the forefoot and heel area extra cushioning and compression. This feature makes this footwear convenient and immensely comfortable.

Over that, the women’s V4 boasts T-Beam technology by New Balance, which provides twisting stability. What is torsional stability in a shoe? The torsional stability resists twisting of the midfoot by allowing the foot muscles to concentrate on movement. When you’re walking on an uneven surface, the torsional stability of your shoes prevents you from any injuries. I think that’s amazing because you can’t afford any pain or injury when you’re already suffering from a foot illness.

  • Prevent injuries
  • Immensely comfortable
  • Good for long use
  • Sole is a little hard

Overall, the V4 is excellent for custom orthotics. These are comfortable, convenient, lightweight, and flexible sneakers. Plus, the T-Beam technology in this pair has doubled its performance. I used these shoes for going on pavement surfaces.

5.Brooks Women’s Glycerin 15

5.Brooks Women’s Glycerin 15

Brooks is an American company with a good reputation for producing stylish, modern, and most reliable sports equipment, including shoes, clothing, and accessories. If you’re not familiar with Brooks’ Glycerin, it is a series of highly comfortable sneakers equipped with a unique cushioning system. The Glycerin 15 is an updated version with some minor improvements.

The Brooks Glycerin 15 comes with the exceptional build quality. The upper part of the footwear boasts three-dimensional footprint technology initiated by Brooks itself. This system aims to maintain the structure of a shoe while walking or running, with higher flexibility than the previous model.

The sole of this footwear is composed of super DNA, which is the softest cushioning material by Brooks. The super DNA is a perfect combination of EVA foam (ethylene-vinyl acetate), rubber, and air—which collectively provides you with an incredibly soft and comfortable ride. The EVA foam is extensively utilized in making equipment where padding is required. In other words, it is the most trusted foam material, which is lightweight, comfortable, and tremendously resistant.

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  • Very durable
  • Pillowy soft sole
  • Ideal for high mileage
  • Pricey

Briefly, the Brooks Glycerine 15 is an incredible pair of shoes that offer excellent quality. There is a lot of rubber material used in its construction, which makes it a long-lasting choice. I found it better than its predecessor.

6.Propét Men’s Sneaker

6.Propét Men’s Sneaker

Propét is another USA brand which is famous for producing comfortable and valuable shoes. The best thing which I noticed about Propét is that it offers more sizes. Here I am reviewing the best Propét Men’s sneaker, which is called stability x strap. I love the overall design of this shoe; it is more like a boot from above as it gives a strap closure and looks like a sneaker from side angles.

The build quality is quite excellent. It is composed of mixed leather and synthetic material. The main upper body boasts a mesh-like synthetic material that facilitates breathability and flexibility. And, the leather strap gives a lustrous appearance.

The insole of this footwear is super comfy. It features a signature EV sole by Propét, customized for orthotics sneakers and promotes better air ventilation which will keep your foot dry and safe. People dealing with Accessory Navicular Syndrome should consider this shoe if they feel sweaty feet while walking.

  • Comfy
  • Good ventilation
  • Available in many sizes
  • Less adjustable unlike lace-up shoes

In short, the Propét sneakers are exceptionally comfortable and soft. The company offers a range of sizes on every shoe which is a great deal for those with odd foot shapes or sizes. I loved the overall mixed boot and sneaky appearance of this footwear.

7.Mizuno Wave Lightning Z5

7.Mizuno Wave Lightning Z5

Mizuno Sports is a Japanese company renowned for making people experienced with advanced and superior quality shoes. The corporation was founded in 1906, and I have been wearing their shoes for a long time now. The best thing about Mizuno shoes is the quality and smoothness.

This imported shoe is made of 100 percent synthetic material. It has a rubber outsole, which I like the most in its total build quality. Is a sole rubber good for feet? The rubber outsole offers vital benefits like slip resistance, water resistance, shock absorbance, durability, and protection against frictions or bruises. People who’re suffering from ANS should give priority to rubber sole shoes to avail higher protection.

The midsole of Mizuno Z5 is made of EVA material. What is the midsole of a shoe? People are usually unaware of the midsole; it’s a part between your foot and the shoe’s outsole. EVA midsole is preferred because of its lightweight and heavenly cushioning properties. It will not feel hard on foot and gives a smooth journey.

  • Quality is great
  • Durable
  • Heavenly soft
  • Designing could be improved

If you’re not a fan of stylish shoes and looking for a more comfortable option, then Mizuno Z5 is ideal for you. This footwear might not fulfill your fashion desires but will ultimately overflow your demands related to shoes’ convenience, cushioning, and strength.

8.Gravity Defyer Women’s Shoe

8.Gravity Defyer Women’s Shoe

The Gravity Defyer is a proven pain or injury relief shoe pair for women. It is designed to minimize knee pain, foot or heel aches, or other related issues. The structure of these shoes is intended to work on body alignment and provide absolute biomechanics.

The shoe boasts VersoShock technology which is patented by Gravity Defyer and aims to reduce knee pain. The technology includes microfiber material in making the upper sole of the shoe which allows durability and flexibility. There is a vast room inside the frontal area, which gives enough space, facilitating improved blood circulation. Proper blood flow and air passage are the two most essential parameters for people with Accessory Navicular Syndrome.

Additionally, it has a rolling front design which is quite popular these days. The manufacturers claimed that this structural layout isolates 30 joints, 28 bones, and around a hundred muscles from stress. It’s a perfect option for people who’re suffering from a condition that leads to foot discomfort. However, the Gravity Defyer shoes are a little out of budget’s range.

  • Relief pain
  • Wide frontal area
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Expensive

In a verdict, the Gravity Defyer shoes are ideally designed for people who’ve accessory bone syndrome or related illnesses. It’s a fact that these shoes are pricier than other ones, but as far as your health is concerned, price doesn’t matter. I strongly recommend these shoes because it boasts Verso Shock technology that will help you in recovery.

9.Savannah 17100 Women’s Shoe

9.Savannah 17100 Women’s Shoe

Women’s Mary Jane Shoes are imported orthopedic shoes. What are orthopedic shoes used for? The orthopedic shoes are specifically designed to give maximum support to the foot and ankle. This footwear also relieves your pain and facilitates a speedy recovery.

These Drew shoes are manufactured in the USA and feature a fitting system with removable footbeds. These two footbeds provide double depth, providing a cushion-like experience. These footbeds are made of polyurethane material which is pretty flexible, durable, and resistant.

Over that, it has a rubber sole which is beneficial in terms of absorbance, reliability, resistivity, and more, which I have already explained above. In a wholesome fashion, I found these women’s shoes lightweight and protective. Plus, the best thing is that there is no worry about ventilation because these sandals are open from the backside.

  • Decent
  • Rubber sole
  • Lightweight
  • Available in different colors
  • Not for smaller feet

Conclusively, the Savannah drew shoes are comfortable and lightweight. These are different from ordinary sandals in design but look decent. The best thing is that these are orthopedic shoes that are medically suitable for Accessory bone syndrome patients.

10.Mary Jane Shoes Sanibel

10.Mary Jane Shoes Sanibel

Here come my favorite ortho feet shoes, which splendidly provide relief from foot pain. I wore these shoes for sixty days, and trust me; this is one of the most comfortable pairs I ever have! Besides their great comfort, these shoes are stylish and different from sneakers or boots. You can call it an updated version of old-school pumps.

The sole of these Mary Jane shoes is made of rubber material which is pretty soft and feels very light in weight. I found rubber soles more durable than the leather ones which got rough and torn after time. The upper area of this footwear boasts leathery and mesh fabric which is airy and soft. You’ll not feel sweaty at all, even after hours of walking.

The insoles also feature premium design and provide excellent support. The best thing about this footwear is that it is medically proven for people suffering from foot syndromes, diabetes, or aches. It has a biomechanical design that offers solutions for Arthritis, Accessory Navicular Syndrome, Bunions, Diabetes, Plantar Fasciitis, and more.

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  • Pain relief
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Not recommended for narrow heels

As a whole, these ortho feet sneakers are stylish yet deliver exceptional comfort and cushioning. I found these shoes durable as compared to its market competitors. But, the reason why I am recommending these shoes here is that they help in pain relief.

Best Shoes for Accessory Navicular Syndrome – Buying Guide

This section will discuss the essential parameters that a buyer needs to know before purchasing a shoe. It is imperative to understand the accessory navicular syndrome, its symptoms, treatments, and which shoe you need to see improvement in this condition. Thus, let’s start with a brief introduction about the “Accessory Navicular Syndrome.”

Accessory Navicular Syndrome

ANS is a bony distinction or prominence on the inner side of your foot. Patients are generally unaware of this syndrome at the start because it causes no noticeable ill. But, over time, this syndrome increases, causing an extra bone prominence in the midfoot, which results in pain.

What causes this syndrome? The Accessory Navicular Syndrome can result from physical trauma or continuous irritation because of non-comfortable footwear. In some cases, it might happen when a person, or athlete, undergoes excessive foot activity.

Symptoms of Accessory Navicular Syndrome

The primary symptoms of ANS usually appear in teenagers. This is the time when a person’s bones start maturing to adult size. At that time, cartilages start converting or developing into bones. The noticeable symptom is a protrusion of the midfoot bone, which is located above the arch. Some patients also notice redness and swelling (like inflammation) in that area. However, if you’re doing extensive foot activities, you’ll also face vague throbbing in the midfoot.

How severe is an accessory navicular syndrome?

If you start curing it at the initial stage, then this syndrome stops becoming more acute. However, it can result in a bump that a patient can feel on his feet while stepping, which causes a lot of pain. Studies revealed that Accessory Navicular Syndrome could also cause something close to fracture, so it is necessary to cure it as early as possible.

Treatment of Accessory Navicular Syndrome

The Accessory Navicular Syndrome can be cured with some non-invasive procedures, while the surgery option is for dreadful conditions only. The primary objective is to manage the pain and minimize bony prominence. For this purpose, the following treatments are used separately or in combination:

First is “Immobilization,” which aims to promote healing. The doctors will place your foot in a walking boot or cast, which will minimize the inflammation in the midfoot by keeping it at rest. It is a kind of structural curing that includes no medications.

The second is “Use of Ice,” which aims to reduce swelling in the affected area. In this treatment, you have to take a cube of covered ice and gently apply it to the midfoot area. Please never do this directly with ice because it might freeze your skin and cause frostbite. The best way is to wrap ice in a towel.

The third is “Use of Medications,” which aims to lower the pain. The medications include non-steroidal AIDs (anti-inflammatory drugs) like ibuprofen. In some severe cases, doctors also prescribed steroid medications with immobilization to reduce inflammation. The medications to treat Accessory Navicular Syndrome usually are oral.

Fourth is “Physical Therapy,” which aims to strengthen muscles through specific movements. The therapy includes exercises and physical treatments, which lowers foot inflammation. I prefer this treatment for Accessory Navicular Syndrome because these exercises decrease the symptoms and resist the reappearance of those signs.

Fifth is “Use of Orthotic Devices,” which aims to provide support. The orthotic devices are customized and fit like a puzzle into your footwear. It gives arch support, keeping you away from any future symptoms. Unfortunately, in critical cases, the symptoms stay even after adopting those above successful non-invasive treatments. In that sequence, the surgical approach is the only option left. However, doctors usually repeat the non-surgical treatments over and over to cure Accessory Navicular Syndrome.

When Be Would Surgery Required?

As I said above, surgery is only considered when nothing works. In a few cases, the symptoms of Accessory Navicular Syndrome show no amelioration, and surgery becomes the only option. Surgery involves the amputation of accessory bone as this extra bone is not required for your foot to function. Foot Surgeons reshape the midfoot area and fix the tibial tendon so that it functions in a better way.

Build Quality

The materials used in making a shoe impact its comfort level and durability. Thus, it is essential to consider sneakers that are composed of suitable quality materials. More particularly, PVC or other mesh materials are great for people suffering from decreased symptoms and lower accessory bone syndrome. The Polyvinyl chloride or PVC material is a blend of nylon and polymer, and the fabric is famous for its breathability, flexibility, and rigidity.

Furthermore, I want to add some points which are related to the build quality of a shoe. Please never buy shoes that are non-flexible or tight on your feet because this footwear will worsen your foot condition. Plus, waterproof shoes are preferred while buying the best shoes for Accessory Navicular Syndrome because they shield your foot. I find lightweight shoes more convenient for foot syndromes because it requires less effort in walking.

Protection and Comfort

Comfort is an essential element to ascertain when purchasing footwear for foot ailments like Accessory Navicular Syndrome. Comfort level in shoes is confirmed by the existence of padded collars and cushioned soles. I recommend you to shop for a shoe which is specially designed for foot illness. In this article, I’ve mentioned the best shoes for Accessory Navicular Syndrome.


It is always a great idea to consider long-lasting shoes. When you change footwear, your foot needs time to get used to it or be comfortable in it, and of course, a person who is suffering from a syndrome can’t afford that over and over. However, the durable boots are pricey as compared to the temporary ones. I found ASICS shoes extremely long-lasting.


Buyers usually mix these two terms: affordable and low-priced. Every affordable item is not cheap but boasts enough properties which are balanced with its price. In other words, affordability means worth-buying products. Contrarily, some shoes are economical but are not comfortable at all, which are a total waste of money. Thus, I suggest always going for an affordable, valuable, and worthy pair of sneakers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Accessory Navicular Syndrome last?

According to previous records, immobilization recovered Accessory Navicular Syndrome within six weeks. The other treatments might cure ANS in between six or ten weeks. However, it depends upon how much the bone is protruded.

Can shoes help with foot pain?

It is proven that wearing supporting and comfortable footwear helps in curing foot pain. The orthotics like heel supports or extra cushioned inserts reduce the pressure on the foot and help deal with conditions like Accessory Navicular Syndrome. It’ll be easier for you to walk or stand with cushioned and convenient shoes.

What shoes do most podiatrists recommend?

Podiatrists are medical doctors who treat disorders related to the foot, ankle, or knee. Accessory syndrome, bunions, diabetes, or other conditions which involve foot discomfort and pain will be reduced or cured by wearing comfortable shoes. Usually, podiatrists recommend orthotic sneakers by Hoka One One and New Balance.


Wrapping up! It was an extensive discussion related to best shoes for Accessory Navicular Syndrome, which highlights the ailment, symptoms, treatments, and more. I tried my best to select the best footwear, all from different brands, which will help in reducing foot aches early. If you’re in a hurry and didn’t read the whole article, then view these top three preferences.

  • Hoka One One Men’s Shoe for its aesthetic design, breathability, and flexibility.
  • ASICS Gel Nimbus 17 because it reduces foot displacement and is very long-lasting.
  • Brooks Women’s Glycerin 15 for its cushioning sole, durability, and excellent build quality.

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